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At Minnesota Herbals, we provide you with premium CBD products that are formulated by Pharmacists, have the highest quality ingredients, and have extensive lab certifications proving their purity.


The finest CBD products come from the finest ingredients. We use US-grown hemp and produce premium lab-tested CBD products.  

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Pharmacist CBD Products from Minnesota Herbals

Minnesota Herbals was founded by a husband and wife Pharmacist team and their family to solve a problem addressing the safety, uncertainty, and variability of the current cannabidiol (CBD) market.


With over 30 years of combined Healthcare experience, the Pharmacists envisioned a premium lab-tested CBD product made from the highest quality ingredients they could safely recommend to their patients to take advantage of CBD’s benefits. 


Minnesota Herbals is truly a premium brand that differentiates itself from all other CBD products on the market. The extensive lab certifications, highest quality ingredients, and expertise brought from Pharmacists formulating the products sets Minnesota Herbals apart from all others

We Offer the Best

Only the best CBD Shop like ours can provide you with the best pharmacist CBD products.

We Value Compassion and Safety

At Minnesota Herbals, we cherish safety and satisfaction. Your health is our responsibility; that is why we value your preferences, safety, and peace of mind. Our CBD products are held to the highest safety standards.

Reasons To Choose Us

Safety is most important...

Grown and processed in USA from Farm bill compliant industrial hemp. Our hemp supplier has rigorous farming standards- it is not necessarily cheaper or easier, but it is what is right. All our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp is grown under strict guidelines in U.S. soil.

THC Free...

Mislabeled products can be a nightmare. You do not have to worry about unwanted THC showing up in Minnesota Herbals CBD products- our lab reports show no detectable THC.

Broad Spectrum...

CBD quality is about more than just purity and labeling. Our products contain many of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant, so you get the synergistic impact- or entourage effect- of these compounds working together.


High Bioavailability and Absorption...

Our water-soluble softgels are twice as absorbable as a standard tincture oil. You would have to take twice the amount of our competitor’s oil-based products to enjoy the same fast and efficient absorption.


Premium Grade...

Our products are premium grade because they are manufactured using the highest standards. We offer premium CBD products of the highest purity with no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances.

Every batch is lab tested and linked to certificates of analysis...

Every batch receives the most comprehensive testing available: microbial (E.coli, yeast, mold), potency (ensuring what’s on the label is in the product), heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium), and pesticides (60 total).

Each of our products includes a QR code linking to the third-party testing on the finished product.

Potential Benefits of Minnesota Herbals CBD Products


Helps reduce Anxiety, Depression, and Stress
Helps with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia
Helps with Acute and Chronic Inflammation
Promotes Sleep
CBD is also known to interact with several medications. Before you start using CBD, discuss it with your healthcare provider to ensure your safety and avoid potentially harmful interactions.

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